Sunday, August 23, 2015

Esprit de She 5k 50th & France Race Recap

One of the free race photos :)

I signed up for the Esprit de She 5k on 50th & France for the same reason I've signed up for races in the past: cute shirts! The race shirts were MPG women's cut performance tanks. 

That and the fact that there would be champagne at the finish sounded really fun. Mexico hasn't really caught onto the whole booze-at-the-finish phenomenon yet. I also got married on July 17th, so having a race on the calendar shortly after would ensure I stayed consistent with running over the summer. 

I tried to talk all of my bridesmaids into running this race with me, because I thought it would be fun to wear matching shirts and possibly tutus, but my sister is the only one that took the bait. She had run a 5k before, but in October, and if you ask her, this race was a lot of fun, except for the part where we actually had to run. Her face in this finish line photo says it all: 

"Taryn, I hate you" 

Overall this race was a blast and I'd highly recommend it, if only for the after party and swag. The price was a little steep for a 5k, but the post-race food, swag, "Bubbly Bar" and free race photos more than made up for the $45 registration fee. I was really impressed with all of the freebies we got. 
 Nat posing with her kale chicken salad and swag bag 

So many freebies! 

They also provided a free shuttle to the start from Southdale Mall, which was a brilliant idea, since parking is limited near 50th and France, and we got an extra drink ticket for riding the shuttle. Score!
Free Shuttle from Southdale 

I dressed up as a "Runaway Bride" and got a special shout-out from the announcer at the finish line along with many wishes of congratulations from fellow runners. 

After the race was over and my sister recovered (she's not a fan of running in the heat) we headed to the Bubbly Bar first for our free champagne. They also had red or white wine. 


After a glass of bubbly, we decided we should probably go back and check out the food at the "Food Lounge and Lifestyle Market." That's where all the freebies were. We got canvas Target bags stuffed with coupons, free product samples, chapstick, etc. They also had free Kale chicken salad (which was delicious) yogurt, organic tomatoes, luna bars, etc. 

Free food 
(I don't eat meat and gave my sister the chicken) 

After getting something to eat, we want back to the Bubbly Bar for our second (and third, for me) glass of champagne. My sister and I sat on the ground, sipping champagne and digging through our goodie bags :) 
Chapstick! (We're easily impressed) 

What a fun race and after party! My only complaint would be the narrow path though the park that created a "runner jam" when the lead runners were finishing. My sister and I were in the last wave of runners, which was huge, and one of the lead runners nearly fell off the path as she was flying down the hill because it was so crowded. They could fix that for next year. 

Esprit de She has lots of other running/athletic events in several cities, so check out their website to see if there's an event near you. I would definitely sign up for another one. 

There's one coming up in Maple Grove, MN on September 17th that I would totally sign up for if I was in town. 

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